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Bem vindo a Casa das Flores

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Bem vindo a Casa das Flores

Casa das Flores has 3 attractive apartments, each with its own private terrace. Our Casa is a 10-minute drive from wide, soft white sandy beaches on the Costa de Prata (Silver Coast) and we have a heated saltwater swimming pool (5x10 meters) at Casa das Flores.

The Casa is located in a small village of Leziria and is 1 km away from a larger village of Monte Redondo. Monte Redondo has restaurants, supermarkets, various shops, a bus and train station. In this area there is still tranquility, old-fashioned portuguese sociality and that will be no different at our Casa.

You can use the WiFi (with fiber optic internet) everywhere at Casa das Flores and the apartment has digital television with Netflix app available.
The Costa de Prata offers many sightseeing spots and Casa das Flores is the ideal base for short trips or day trips to view the most beautiful history and nature in Portugal. Surfing, SUP, cycling, walking or horse riding are great experiences in Portugal and we would like to help you with this.

We are in possession of the Clean & Safe certificate for measures against COVID-19 contamination and we follow the measures recommended by the Direção-Geral da Saúde of Portugal and Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC).

We wish you a warm welcome at our Casa das Flores.
Pieter, Nouschka, Mats and Vienna


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Fotos da publicação de Casa das Flores Portugal

Surfing at sunset 👌🏄‍♂️

www.casadasflores.eu 🌺🇵🇹

2 weeks ago
Fotos da publicação de Casa das Flores Portugal

Dia mundial do Animal na Casa das Flores 🐐🐎🦧

www.casadasflores.eu 🌺😎

1 month ago
The Surfer's Place

Catch a wave 🌊🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏽‍♀️


Horário para a de semana de 31 de Agosto a 6 de Setembro:

09h30 (todos os níveis)
14h00 (nível 2)

09h30 (todos os níveis)
12h00 (SUP Lagoa da Ervedeira)
14h00 (nível ... See more

2 months ago
The Surfer's Place

🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏄🏽‍♂️ Lets go 💪

https://www.casadasflores.nl/en/surfing-in-portugal/ 🌺🇵🇹😎

Horário para a de semana de 27 de Julho a 2 de Agosto:

14h00 (kids)
14h30 (nível 1)
18h30 (nível 2)

15h00 (kids)
15h30 (nível 1)
16h30 (nível 1+)

16h30 ... See more

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Fotos da publicação de Casa das Flores Portugal

Berlengas 🏝


www.casadasflores.eu 🌺🇵🇹😎

3 months ago
Praia do Pedrógão | NEW

What’s going on at the beach? 🏖
You can see Praia de Pedrógão now live 👇



O Beachcam.pt tem por objectivo difundir toda a informação útil e relevante para as comunidades ligadas a desportos aquáticos, actividades relacionadas com a praia, assim como oferecer aos nossos ... See more

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Visit Portugal


www.casadasflores.eu 🌺😎

Portugal is the first European country to receive the "Safe Travels" stamp awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council. This allows travellers to recognize Portugal as having adopted ... See more

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Fotos da publicação de Casa das Flores Portugal

🏖 A época balnear começou ... baixar o aplicação para obter informações sobre as praias, como ocupação, serviços e qualidade das águas balneares. 🏊🏼‍♂️🏊🏼‍♀️

📲 ... See more

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