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Below is an indication of the tolls you may incur on your journey and below you will find more detailed information on the toll system on the Brisa website -

ApproximteToll Charge Information as at 31/01/2013



From Porto on A1/A29/A25/A17

around €10 single journey

(From Porto to Aveiro on A1 = €3.00 + A25 camera tolls in places, some sections are FOC, start of A17 to Monte Redondo = €7)

From Porto using the A29, A25 route there are automatic camera tolls - ask for more information at the car hire desk or contact us at Casa das Flores Apartments



From Lisboa to Varzeas on A17 & A8

about €10 single journey in total

There are 2 separate toll sections, the middle part of your journey is FOC



Varzeas to Tornada (nr Óbidos)

about €5 single journey

For full information about tolls, the network and how tolls are charged visit the Brisa website - -  there is an English language button at the top and if you want to calculate your toll you can find it under Tolls-Toll Rates-How tolls are determined and at the bottom of the page there is a Toll Calculator (well hidden so look around for it).

It is important to note that you should never use the Green ViaVerde lanes on the toll booths as this is strictly for people who are registered and have a toll box which calculates their journeys.  If you mistakenly take this route you can be seriously fined plus the cost of your journey, no matter how short can come to €40/€50 or more.

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