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Visit our Special Offers page for details on how you can get more holiday for your money.

We also offer discounts for long stays.

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The swallows and hoopoes are back from Africa, with more species to follow;local storks are repairing their nests and making some new ones.

In our gardens iris, poppies and roses are blooming; as are the citrus trees and grevilleas - Spring here is well worth a visit

Stay with us for more than a week and get a discount for the second week

Find for yourself the little local family-run restaurants where you can eat a 3 course lunch for around 7.50 - 8.50 including a glass of wine or beer and coffee (water, if you don't like alcohol or you're driving that day).

Reserve before the end of April 2014 for an extra 10% discount

Book an apartment just for you or reserve all three if you're a group of friends or having a family get together in the warm sunshine of Casa das Flores without having to live in each other's pockets.

Returning Guests qualify for special discounts - contact us to find out

Guided birding/nature trips can be arranged both locally & further afield

Many different bird species are seen regularly down by the river at the end of our lane and on the surrounding area; as are red squirrels, otters and mongoose take a look at the species' lists ....

Sample locally produced wines, olive oils, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish - so much is truly locally sourced - for really fresh ingredients that are available in markets, local shops and restaurants.

Considering your lifestyle?

Escape the rat race and bad weather, discover this part of Portugal now!!

Contact us to discuss our excellent facilities and accommodation. There's central heating for the chillier nights too - longer term low season rental prices start from 520.00 (Euros) per month including central heating, electricity, gas for cooking and water

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