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Ornithology, bird-watching, twitching, which ever you like to call it we have the pleasure of a diverse and good variety of birds due to the uniqueness of our area.  You can casually watch from your apartment garden or if you are interested then you can arrange a guided walk with David Donovan, himself a keen bird watcher, in the valley below the house or in the surrounding area.  At Casa das Flores we are blessed to be able to watch a variety of birds all year round.

David Donovan has listed some of the species he has seen and identified in the region.  Contact us to discuss your interest.

Nightingales are singing in our valley, kingfishers are nesting in the bank as you walk down to the river - come, see for yourself!

Birds back from Africa include hoopoes, barn and red rumped swallows - more still to come.....

To see the list of birds sighted locally by David Donovan and visitors to Casa das Flores



open this link which shows names of birds in common English and Latin.

Black Winged Stilts
Black Winged Stilts
Black Winged Stilts
Red Breasted Flycatcher
Red Rumped Swallow
Spectacled Warbler
Stork Nest
Swallow Drinking
Bird Watchers
Yellow Crowned Bishop


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